May 16, 2024

Housing + Services Roundtable

May 16, 2024
8:00 – 11:00 am
Gold Coast Transit District conference room, 1901 Auto Center Drive, Oxnard
A roundtable discussion to assess the housing and services available in Ventura County for the most vulnerable, identify gaps and unmet needs, recommend ways to fill these gaps and improve the process, and understand various housing models where a service/support component is needed. End goal is to brainstorm ways to improve our response to our neighbors experiencing homelessness.
We anticipate participation from people representing a range of demographic groups including County staff (CoC/HSA/BH/PA), homeless services, addiction recovery, mental health, TAY, seniors, parole or former incarcerated, developmentally disabled adults, women escaping violence or sex trade, women with minors, etc.
The Forum’s agenda will be a combination of short presentation and moderated discussion between all attendees. To help facilitate the roundtable, gather information ahead of time, and improve outcomes, we’ve asked a few questions in the registration process. Realizing this is a huge subject matter for a mere 2-hour discussion, we will follow-up in a breakout session at the October 24th Ventura County Housing Conference. A $10 donation will help offset the cost for the venue and refreshments