Ventura County’s Partner in Housing Solutions

HOME believes that everyone deserves a safe, secure, and affordable place to call home. Through advocacy, education, and community collaboration, we strive to empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve housing stability.

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Who We Are

HOME was formed in 2001 as a housing committee of the Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA) to promote a diversity of housing opportunities essential for a healthy and sustainable quality of life in Ventura County. In 2002, HOME collaborated with VECDA and Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) to begin a series of housing-related summits, which transformed into an established annual housing conference. HOME was incorporated as a non-profit in 2006.

Our Mission

To promote a diversity of housing opportunities, which are essential for a healthy and sustainable quality of life in Ventura County.

Our Vision

A community where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy and secure home.

Building a Stronger Voice for Better Housing Opportunities in Ventura County

HOME is committed to creating positive change in the Ventura County housing landscape. We achieve this by going beyond simply offering resources. Through a multifaceted approach that includes educational conferences, engaging forums, and ongoing advocacy efforts, we energize companies, organizations, government, and individuals to collaborate for improved housing that meets community needs and contributes to a more equitable and sustainable housing future.

Housing Conference

Each year, HOME organizes the Ventura County Housing Conference, which addresses key housing-related focus areas such as availability, affordability, policies, economics, challenges, opportunities, etc. The Conference is attended by over 200 civic, business, and community leaders.

Discussion Forums

HOME also presents quarterly educational Housing Issues Forums, with guest speakers, presentations, and discussions surrounding pertinent housing issues and trends in Ventura County.

Construction Exploration & Training Collaborative

HOME was the incubator and fiscal sponsor for the Ventura County Housing Trust Fund (501c3 #45-3191747) and Real Estate Fraud Advisory Team "REFAT" (501c3 #82-1274300). HOME is currently the fiscal sponsor for the Construction Exploration & Training Collaborative, a partnership with the Ventura County Contractors Association and EP Consulting.

Emerging Non-profits; Advocacy & Community Outreach

Today, HOME is working to expand our education/advocacy/ outreach programs by encouraging greater input from the general public and compiling information and resources on housing-related items. With help from CSUCI, HOME just began a Countywide housing survey. With a new website and media outreach campaign, HOME is poised to be the first-stop local leader in housing and development issues.

Our Core Values


Our communities are stronger when we work together to advance meaningful and equitable housing policy solutions for all of our neighbors.


We believe housing is a human right. Housing justice must directly address the disproportionate burdens faced by our low-income communities.


We share the knowledge of our community partners and local experts to encourage, enlighten, and innovate discussions around housing in Ventura County.


Our impact is greater when we work together. HOME brings together community members, public officials, developers, residents, service providers, planners, and professionals to problem-solve, share expertise, and advocate.

2024 HOME Board of Directors

HOME’s Board of Directors is deeply committed to the well-being of Ventura County and its residents. Our board members understand the critical need for affordable housing and are passionate about creating a community where everyone has access to safe and stable housing options. Their dedication and leadership are instrumental in ensuring a brighter future for Ventura County.

Karen Fraser

Executive Director
PO Box 191, Camarillo, CA 93011
805-323-6534 | karen@vchome.org

Andrea Palmer

City of Oxnard

Shanna Farley

Vice Chairman
City of Ventura

Rena Sepulveda

Turning Point Foundation

James Mason

City of Santa Paula

Mary Grosswendt Perdue

Landscape Development

Rachel McIver

McIver Consulting

Luis Hernandez

Homes and Hope

Ken Melvin

Pacific Consulting Group

Ryan Ortiz

Many Mansions

Dr. Miguel Delgado Helleseter

Cal. State University Channel Islands - Business & Economics

Sylvia Munoz Schnopp

Ventura County Community Development Corp.

Committee Members

The heart and soul of our organization lies with our committee members. These passionate individuals dedicate their time and expertise to support our mission. The valuable contributions of these individuals ensure the effective implementation of our strategic initiatives.

Bonny Goetz

Next Home Pacific Coast Realty

Juliethe Herrera


Carl Morehouse

Retired Planner and Council Member

Gabrielle Vignoine

House Farm Workers!


HOME BOARD OF DIRECTORS lend their professional skills to help direct the actions of the organization, long-term planning, chair or serve on committees, oversee the executive director (currently HOME’s only paid staff), and help carry out the mission and vision. The HOME Board typically consists of 7- 13 members, each elected to one-year renewable terms. Because of limited staffing, the Board of Directors must be actively engaged with expectations to attend regular Board meetings*, attend the Housing Conference and Forums, participate in at least one Committee, and provide an annual dues contribution (currently $100 and can be paid by the individual or company). HOME strives to create board diversity in industry niche, geography, gender, and ethnicity.

*2024 board meetings are held the 1st Friday, every other month (Jan., Mar., …) from 8:00-10:00am in Oxnard.

Executive Officers are elected annually from within the Board of Director Membership to serve 1-year renewable terms. In addition to regular duties as a Board Member, Executive Officers:

  • President/Chair – Convene and run the Board of Director Meetings including setting the meeting agenda; Oversees the HOME Executive Director.
  • Vice President – Assume the role of President should the need arise; Assists the President.
  • Secretary – Records minutes of Board meetings, and assists in creating and disseminating public notices, correspondence, meeting information, and corporate documents.
  • Treasurer – Review and oversee HOME’s financial responsibilities including bank accounts, reports, procedures, annual budget, audit and tax returns.

HOME COMMITTEES include staff (HOME Executive Director), a minimum of two Board Directors, industry professionals and community members. Currently HOME as the following committees:

Conference Committee: While all Directors help with the Conference, Committee Members take the lead in planning and executing the annual Ventura County Housing Conference, typically in mid-October. Tasks include securing sponsorships and speakers, marketing, and preparing topics to be addressed and agenda. The Committee meets a minimum of 4 times prior to the Conference.

Forum Committee: Members are responsible for planning and executing each year three or four Housing Issues Forums on a variety of housing-related topics. Forums are typically 2-3 hour events with a single focus and 50-80 people in attendance. Committee Members typically choose one or two Forums to focus on. Tasks include preparing topics to be addressed and agenda, securing location, speakers, and any sponsorships, and promoting.

Outreach & Advocacy Committee: Members help disseminate information about HOME and the mission by engaging with others to build awareness, mobilize community participation, and advocate for projects and policies. Efforts may include online, social, print, graphics, video or other media; press releases, letters and articles; and attending or speaking at gatherings. Members work closely with other advocacy and community organizations.

CETC (Construction Exploration & Training Collaborative): Goal is to encourage career exploration (middle & high-school aged) and training (18+) in construction trades and the built environment. This is a collaboration with the VC Contractors Association (Cary Hansen, Laurie Bennett) and EP Consulting (Lisa Eklund). Currently construction camps, design/build events, and a pre-apprenticeship training is planned.

FRIENDS OF HOME support and assist the HOME organization, programs, and mission by providing expertise, serving on a committee, or providing monetary or in-kind donation such as:

  • Technology (computers, equipment, video)
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Printing
  • Marketing or graphics
  • Financial (tax and/or audit preparation, bookkeeping)
  • Legal

Organizations can show their support for HOME and housing in Ventura County by:

  • Paying for individual members
  • Sponsoring or Hosting a Forum
  • Sponsoring the annual Housing Conference
  • Providing in-kind donations

BENEFITS of serving on the Board of Directors or Committee, or becoming a Friend of HOME, include:

  • Receives free admission to the annual Housing Conference and Housing Issues Forums
  • Is recognized on the HOME website, in social media, and designated as such at HOME events.
  • Receives video recording of HOME-sponsored events as available
  • Can list HOME membership in resumes, applications, and personal web pages.

If interested or for more information, please contact Karen Fraser, HOME’s Executive Director at info@vchome.org or 805-323-6534.

Thank You, Business Community Partners!